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U SPORTS Acknowledgement and Consent Form

Participation within Canadian Interuniversity U SPORTS  is a privilege that requires full compliance at all times with the then-current U SPORTS rules, regulations, policies, and procedures, including but not limited to those related to eligibility, recruiting, code of ethics, discipline, athletic financial awards, and doping education and control regulations (collectively, the “Regulations”).

IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY as a student-athlete to obtain copies of these Regulations from your coach and/or Athletic Department and/or online, and to make sure that you inform yourself as to how these regulations relate to your particular circumstances. Regulations are always available for viewing or downloading at

PLEASE BE AWARE THAT if you participate in U SPORTS competition and are found to be in violation of U SPORTS Regulations you may, among other sanctions, forfeit your eligibility for the remainder of the current competitive year and subsequent years. Further, teams automatically forfeit all competitions in which an ineligible student-athlete participated.

DISCIPLINARY PROCESS: Every student-athlete who participates in U SPORTS training or competition agrees to be bound by U SPORTS Policy 90.30 – Complaints, and Discipline – and all of its processes. By signing this Student-Athlete Acknowledgment and Consent form, you are indicating your understanding of and acceptance of all requirements under U SPORTS Policy 90.30 including your agreement to fully participate in any investigations or dispute resolution processes under this Policy and you are acknowledging that all dispute resolution processes under this policy are final and binding. Failure to complete and sign this form may result in your ineligibility for participation in any U SPORTS program(s).

U SPORTS ATHLETIC FINANCIAL AWARDS – REVIEW/AUDIT SYSTEM: Every student-athlete who participates in U SPORTS training or competition is subject to the U SPORTS Regulations relating to athletic financial awards, including U SPORTS’ financial review and audit rights set out therein. This means that U SPORTS may request the timely production of financial records (which may include, but not necessarily be limited to, personal banking statements, tax records, residence rental agreements, institutional and workplace pay stubs, etc.) By signing this Acknowledgment and Consent form (the “AAC”) you are indicating your understanding of, and agreement to adhere to, the U SPORTS Regulations, and your consent to participate in a financial review or audit for a period of up to eighteen (18) months from the date of signing.

ANTI-DOPING REGULATIONS: U SPORTS is unequivocally opposed to any doping practices by student-athletes or by individuals in positions of leadership in amateur sport (i.e. coaches, medical practitioners, sport scientists, administrators, team managers, etc.) This includes not only the presence of a World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) prohibited substance in a student-athlete’s bodily sample, but also:

• Use or attempted use;
• Tampering or attempted tampering with any part of doping control;
• Refusing or evading;
• Possession of prohibited substances and methods;
• Athlete availability, whereabouts information, and missed tests;
• Trafficking or attempted trafficking;
• Administration or attempted administration;

Every student-athlete who participates in U SPORTS training or competition is subject to doping control. By signing this AAC, you are indicating your understanding of, and agreement to adhere to, U SPORTS’ anti-doping Regulations, and your consent to participate in a doping control program for a period of up to eighteen (18) months from the date of signing. Failure to complete and sign the AAC form may result in an athlete’s ineligibility for participation in U SPORTS programming but will not preclude doping control if the student-athlete has already participated in any U SPORTS training or competition. Sanctions for anti-doping rule violations are as specified in the CADP (available at and referred to in the U SPORTS Regulations (available at www.U

By agreeing below, you expressly agree as follows:

1. I specifically agree that as a U SPORTS student-athlete I am subject to the Canadian Anti-Doping Program (“CADP”) and accordingly shall be bound by all the anti-doping rules and responsibilities contained in the CADP.

2. I agree that I have been educated regarding the anti-doping rules and violations contained in the CADP.

3. I acknowledge that information, including personal information about me, can be shared between anti-doping organizations for anti-doping purposes and such information will be used only in a fashion that is fully consistent with the limitations and restrictions contained in the World Anti-Doping Agency’s International Standard for the Protection of Privacy and Personal Information.

4. With the understanding that any disclosure is for the sole purpose of assisting the CCES in enforcement of the CADP, I consent to having police and law enforcement agencies, border services agencies, Sport Organizations of which I am a member and sporting clubs and athletic associations to which I belong, in Canada and elsewhere, disclose to the CCES information in their possession relating to me that is directly relevant to potential anti-doping rule violations contained in the CADP that may be asserted against me.

PERSONALITY RIGHTS: In consideration of being permitted to participate in U SPORTS training or competition and the rights and benefits associated with same, you hereby consent to and irrevocably grant to U SPORTS the right to use, reproduce, record, broadcast, exhibit, publish, transmit, and otherwise exploit and license others to exploit your name, image, likeness, photograph, and incidental biographical information (including but not limited to city, province, awards received, etc.) for broadcast, communications and promotion purposes related to U SPORTS and its member ixnstitutions, conferences, and/or partners. This information may be used either in whole or in part by U SPORTS, its member institutions, conferences, and/or partners in promotional materials, commercials, brochures, posters, competition broadcasts, related broadcast content, or otherwise displayed to the public or used for other educational/fundraising purposes. You hereby release U SPORTS, its member institutions, conferences, and partners from any and all claims, of any nature, based on any uses of the above. Any such information or images may be used by the public media for publicity purposes including but not limited to websites, publications, videos, print and television news. You further agree and acknowledge that you will not receive any royalties for any use of your name, image, or likeness for the purposes described herein.

Subject to the following paragraph, I understand that by providing my personal information to U SPORTS, its conferences, and its member institutions, whether in writing or online, I am consenting to such information being used and disclosed in the manner provided for above and in the Regulations. I also understand that U SPORTS is responsible only for information that is in its custody or control and that any information collected, used or disclosed by or under the control of a member institution of U SPORTS or any other organization is subject to the privacy practices and procedures of that member institution or organization, as the case may be.