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Alcohol and Illegal Substances Policy

If you drink alcohol, please drink responsibly and in moderation and encourage your teammates to do the same. If you plan on driving to a place where alcoholic beverages are being served, make alternate arrangements to get home. Always remember to act in a mature and responsible manner and avoid the consumption of substances that could affect your judgment and encourage your teammates to do the same.

The legal age for the consumption of alcohol is 19 in Ontario and 18 in Quebec. Varsity Athletics does not condone the use of illegal / banned substances at any time based on provincial and/or federal law.

Student-athletes will refrain from the consumption of alcohol or use of illegal/banned substances while on route to or from the site of athletic events, competitions, practices, or in their hotel rooms. The consumption or possession of alcohol or illegal / banned substances on team transportation is strictly prohibited. There is zero tolerance for the use of any alcohol or illegal substances by any drivers of team vehicles. At Varsity Athletics’ sanctioned events, or those events sanctioned by other OUA, RSEQ or U SPORTS member institutions where alcohol may be available, student-athletes will adhere to all provincial and/or federal laws and conduct themselves responsibly.

Coaches are permitted to enforce stricter alcohol policies for their respective teams.

Student-athletes are expected to refrain from inappropriate and excessive use of alcohol and the use of illegal substances and are subject to sanctions if they do not abide by Varsity Athletics’ alcohol policy.

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