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Hazing Policy

Hazing is a broad term encompassing any action or activity which does not contribute to the positive development of a person; which inflicts or intends to cause physical or mental harm or anxieties; which may demean, degrade, or disgrace any person, regardless of location, intent or consent of participants. Hazing is an initiation process involving harassment.

Student-athletes have the responsibility to be an ambassador for uOttawa, Varsity Athletics and their sport and to avoid engaging in activities likely to cause personal injury, intimidation or harassment.

Varsity Athletics encourages team building activities however, we expressly forbid any initiation program that involves any alcoholic consumption by participants. Initiation ceremonies which alter an individual’s appearance, such as shaving of heads or eyebrows, are against Varsity Athletics policy, and likewise forbidden. Initiation ceremonies are not to be degrading, or violate the ‘rights’ of a participant.

Student-athletes will not participate in hazing rituals and are subject to sanctions if they do not abide by Varsity Athletics’ hazing policy.

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