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Travel Policy

All team members and coaches are expected to travel with the team to and from all competitions. The head coach will advise all student-athletes about travel arrangements, departure and return times and any other pertinent information. If student-athletes are not traveling with the team, a TRAVEL RELEASE FORM must be filled out and approved by the head coach

  • Student-athletes are PERSONALLY RESPONSIBLE for any charges to the room other than the base cost of the room rental.
  • Student-athletes are PERSONALLY RESPONSIBLE for any damage to the rooms or any items reported missing from the rooms.
  • The head coach is responsible to continually educate and assist in monitoring student-athletes with respect to these behavioral guidelines and take appropriate action when necessary.
  • Prior to departure for an overnight trip, coaches should inform their student-athletes of the name of the accommodations and the phone number. Student-athletes should be encouraged to leave all information about trips (time of departure and return, accommodations and phone numbers) with their roommates or at their place of residence, in case of an emergency.
  • No person other than team members and authorized personnel are to be in team members’ hotel rooms.
  • Alcoholic beverages are not allowed in team members’ hotel rooms (please refer to the Alcohol and Illegal Substances Policy).

Student-athletes are expected to behave responsibly while travelling and are subject to sanctions if they do not abide by Varsity Athletics’ travel policy.

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