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Concussion Guidelines

Concussion Guidelines for student-athletes:

  • I will wear the proper equipment and wear it correctly.
  • I will develop my skill and body strength so that I can play the game to the best of my abilities.
  • I understand that a concussion is a serious brain injury that has both short- and long-term effects.
  • I understand that I don’t need to lose consciousness to have had a concussion.
  • I understand that any blow to the head, face, or neck, or a blow to the body which causes a sudden jarring of the head may cause a concussion.
  • I understand that if I suspect I might have a concussion I should stop playing the sport immediately.
  • I understand that continuing to play with a suspected concussion increases my risk of more severe, longer lasting concussion symptoms, as well as increases my risk of other injury.
  • I will not hide my symptoms. I will tell my coach, student trainer, athletic therapist, parent, or other responsible person if I am concerned I have had a concussion and/or experience any signs and symptoms of concussion following a collision.
  • I understand I will not be able to return to play following a collision where I experience signs and symptoms of concussion.
  • I understand I will have to be cleared by a sports medicine physician or qualified medical professional on staff, preferably one with experience in concussion management, prior to returning to play.
  • I understand I will have to follow the uOttawa Return to Play guidelines when returning to school and/or activity.

Respect Others:

  • I will respect the rules of the game.
  • I will respect my opponents and play fair.
  • I will not fight or attempt to injure anyone on purpose.
  • I will respect my coaches, therapists, parents and the medical professionals and any decisions made with regards to my health and safety.